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Fan Expo 2012 Pt1 Check out the Full Gallery on my Facebook Page:

1. Hottest Molotov I have ever seen in my life, oh my godddddd.

2. The little girl in the bloodied nightclothes was so fucking awesome. I saw her multiple times over Thursday and Friday — she was doing promo for a movie, I think — and she was just chilling in this bloodied hallway painting on the walls with blood. Very spooky. She’s either the most hardcore kid on the planet or the single greatest child actor on the planet, because oh my godddddd she was as deadpan as that photo no matter what you said or did. If you stopped to look down her bloodied hall, she’s just stop and stare at you exactly like she is in that picture, it was terrifying. Naturally, being of the Supergirl variety, I was determined to get a smile out of her at some point, and I succeeded; after I was taking pictures for a good half hour or more and was goofing around, dancing on the spot and grooving around between poses for pictures, and she was hanging around outside the hall. I looked over and happened to catch her smiling in my direction. I was all delighted and was all “HAHA I SEE THAT SMILE!”

She immediately went back to deadpan and reacted as if NONE OF IT HAD EVER HAPPENED and I felt nuts for a moment, and then she came right over to me all serious and asked what my name was. I said “I’m Jenn!” and she stuck out her hand, and we shook all seriously and adult-like and she told me her name.

And then she went back to her creepy hallway, and I knew I’d met the absolute coolest person in the entire convention. The. Coolest. I love her, she’s so precious and awesome and talented.

3. That catsuited Catwoman hottie is my good friend Maya and look at how increeeeeedible she looks.

- Jenn

4. Don’t forget Max, the BEST Rainbow Dash

5. And Shaun’s awesome everything.


Reblogging for Molotov Cocktease…one of the best I have seen.

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